Thursday, September 6, 2007

It is an established fact that writing has over the few years become the number one medium for informing and educating the entire world. It is also estimated that in Ten years, writing will be the backbone of this world. That is where we come in. As writers and litrary artists, it is up to us to do our bid is fueling and speeding up this process. Enjoy the fact that your few written words will go a very long way to improving to satndard of Writing and educating the world.

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We have a right to write to the world

Friday, August 3, 2007

Join Write To The World

Now that you are well informed about Write To The World, why don't you join our wonderful family. Become a Write member today and enjoy the goodnes of having the opportunity to really tell the world what you know. Post your comment, Send us your personal art works, tell us about your self and so on. At Write To The World, you always have your say. Contact us. Even if you wish to support us in any and every way. we are always glad to work with you. As we always say:

We have a right to write to the world

It Can Be Done!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wright To The World

Wright To The World is an initiative set up to discover, unearth, shaper and build up peple's talent in writing. To shape and utilize such skills for the benefit of the individual and the world at large.

We have a right to write to the world. Prepare to enter into the world of writing. It all starts from you.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Name: Born out of the desire to ensure that an artist work can, and will, receive the needed support to unearth

The Aim: To promote 100% success in art works that is produced.

The Objective: To help increase the potentials hidden and suppressed in members.

The Core Values: :-Our values are to help gather information and present it to the world.
:-Projecting the image of writing and its importance to society and the world.
:-Success is a sure thing. To help better understand the importance of Literature in society; that it’s Literature that keeps society going.

The Plan: To confer attained knowledge into those who seek and want such knowledge and are willing to use to the best of their ability the knowledge they receive and better still increase the store of knowledge already available

The Constitution: To accept instructions to perform tasks and duties, to excel above one’s imaginations and to make a difference.

Why Wright To The World: -To discover and recognize upcoming and potential writers and literary artists and give them increased confidence to pursue writing, even as a career.

The Commitment: ‘To be committed to every action, reaction as well as participating in any and every way possible to the best of my ability.’

The Pledge: To do to One’s best ability the Will of God regarding his or her talents as well as supporting the development of One’s Society and Country.

Where The Road Begins: ‘A journey of a thousand Miles’, they say, ‘begins with a step.’ The road starts from your mind; your zeal as well as your determination. It’s an endless road but it begins with you.

The Future: To promote participation throughout and across geographical; social; political; religious as well as imposed boundaries.

The Training: Information, guidance, monitoring and training will be offered to members who wish to do so for an agreed fee. Such training will be short. However, long courses could be considered.

Finding Help: Tap form the Source. Trust, Try and Triumph. A potential in full force goes on and on, not even outer space can be a limit. Find help from God, The Source. We are also to help ourselves.

The Reward: A big smile on your face, a bursting pocket and a bright future.


The Categories:
1. Poetry
2. Prose/ Story
3. Drama/ Play
4. Comic/ Comedy
5. Inspiration
6. Jokes
7. Appellations
In future: News Gathering, Sports reporting etc

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hi there. Welcome to Wright to the world. Come let's share and make ideas. It's about what you can do.

You can join as soon as possible. Just send your name, email, address, contact number and age to

W- Well Defined
R- Responsible

I- Innovative
G- Good
H- Honorable
T- Trustworthy

Getting Started

Submit an original work to or It shall be analyzed by experts and given a feedback, which may take not more than a week.

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