Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Write Anything Good: MICROPOETRY

Just Write Anything Good: MICROPOETRY: "Hey poetry fans and Geeks in the Greater Accra Region, It is finally here... Write To The World and Open Air Theartre presents to you MICRO..."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Write Anything Good

Write To The World is glad to present JUST WRITE ANYTHING GOOD, a general platform for all writers. Write To The World is committed to helping spread the “written word”. Writers dream of a platform where their work reaches a host of audiences. They pride themselves in the number of people who read what they write. That is a writer's greatest joy. There are many ways to get one's work to the limelight. The age old platform had been publication of works into books, journals, anthologies, memoirs and so on. That system relied on the physical possession of the writer's book in order to read and know what the writer is saying or wants to say.

The world is fast advancing and now there are hosts of channels which can be employed to have a writers work seen by a large audience. It goes without debate that the internet is one of the biggest platforms which can be employed to easily get to readers worldwide. It is devoid of national, regional and physical boundaries.

Write To The World is capitalizing on this platform to put writers work in the global light. All we are asking you to do is to WRITE. Yes that is all you have to do. Write to your heart's content and we will put it up for the whole world to see, read and give a reaction.

With Just Write Anything Good, our aim is to give all writers the platform for which their works will be displayed for all to see. AS part of the package, we also offer editorial advice to writers whose works will be posted to the Just Write Anything Good blog/site. This our keen responsibility to have writers produce great pieces that are literary speaking flawless.

So what are you waiting for? Just write, send it to us and we will make sure it is seen. To have your work posted on JWAG, simply send as an email of your piece (typed in a word document) to or Do include a short bio of yourself and a picture as well. That is all you have to do. Just leave the rest to us.

Visit JWAG at any time to view your piece plus comment on it if you feel the need. After a work is posted, a question is asked and you will be required to answer it and any other question that may be asked concerning the piece. We every good piece. You can explore any writing genre of your choice, be it poetry, memoir, prose, drama, articles and essays. It can even be proverbs, it will be posted.

Join this ever growing family of international writers and have your work seen too. You have a right to write to the world. Let's do this!!!

We have a right to write to the world

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fourth Anniversary

8th March, 2011 marked the fourth Anniversary of Write To The World. We are still in the business of making professional writers all over the world, by helping you to enhance and utilize you talent in writing. We also provide the right platform for your work to be seen and read by many people across the world. So why not join us now, and together, we can Write To The World

We have a right to write to the world

Friday, February 25, 2011


It is about time Ghanaian poetry reached the next level. WE introduce BLACKNIFISCENT, the anthology of the year. Ten young and talented poets from Ghana put together to birth this amazing Anthology. A total of about forty poems to enjoy.

Blacknifiscent is brought to you by K-Hitz Radio and Write To The World

It is beyond words. It is ... Blacknifiscent!

We have a right to write to the world

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