Friday, August 6, 2010

The New Story

Haven't you ever felt like putting something new and fresh to the world? The times when you just wish you could tell a new story. Sometimes, you only want to hear a new story. Well here it is. The Rebirth of Ananse. The new story by Kofi Gyamfi Anane-Kyeremeh. Its captivating. You cannot miss it for anything.

Her is a little prelude to the story:

He knew it would rain very heavily but he still left for the forest anyway. His wife, who was heavily pregnant and nearing her time of birth begged him to stay home. Outside, thunder clouds and heavy winds were making their way to nowhere in particular. He got his machete which he had spent close to an hour and half sharpening on the black stone that stood in the centre of his compound. He also unhooked his long-barrelled gun usually called ti abofre in the local language. He slung it over one shoulder with the barrel facing upward.

“I won’t be long” he said, trying to hurry out of the house.

There is more. Just watch out for the latest Story about Kweku Ananse.

“I don’t want you to go at all” she protested.

“And I said I won’t be long. The weather isn’t looking any good. If I don’t hurry, I might lose my catch. I have to go,” he insisted.

“Please do not. You can wait till the morning of tomorrow. You might even displease the abosum (gods),” she continued to plead.

“Don’t be so difficult woman!” he almost shouted. She shrank into the corner where she was sitting. “I am losing valuable time by standing here and arguing with you. I will see you by evening” he said.

“Be careful” she whispered as he walked out of the room, pushing the raffia mat that served as a curtain at the door. He stopped in the doorway, turned and looked at her. A smile crossed his face and he turned and left. That was the last time she was him.


The baby started to move its body on the matted floor. Afua quickly bent down and picked up her baby—her first baby. Afua looked her baby over and realised she’d given birth to a boy. He did not open his eyes but started to cry. Instinctively, she brought him up to her chest, freed one of her breast from her wrapper and offered it to her son. The little boy opened his mouth wide and capped it around the nipple and begun to suck hungrily.

I will give to you what I have. I will make you mine. You shall be a part of me. Little soft thing on my chest, fill your life with my love. I will cover you with friendship and you do not have to be alone. Your smile will be my smile, your joy—my joy. And when you have to cry, you don’t have to do it alone. I will cry with you. I only ask for one thing. Stay with me until I leave you. Do not let me be alone. Stay with me.

As the baby drank to his fill, Afua kept staring at him and smiling. Her very own. She also couldn’t help noticing that her son looked exactly like his father, whom he’ll never see. He had the lips of his father, and so with his eyes.

“You have come in two ways, my son. I lost and yet I won” Afua said to her son. “If only—if only. He was stubborn, you know. Very stubborn. Now I have you and I never want to lose you. Promise me you’ll stay with me all my life, promise.” As she said those words, her baby made a gurgling sound deep in his throat almost as if in affirmative reply. “I Love You!” Afua said and begun to rock her baby.

More to come. Do not Miss it.!!!

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