Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving Ahead

Due to our dedicated effort to portray the very essence of LITERATURE to world so that everyone would be aware of how their Lives are affected by Literature, we are taking essential steps to do so.

We have organised three events in the past three months. The firs was an essay writing competition held at Future Leaders Educational Center, the second being an English Quiz Competition between tree Junior High Schools in Effiakuma, Takoradi. The schools that psrticipsted are,
1. Nana Brempong JHS
2. Rev. Cobbah Yalley JHS
3. Rev. Grant Methodist JHS
The winner of this competition was Nana Brempong JHS.

Our third event was a Spelling Bee competitionat Christ Preparatory School, Sakumono. All three eventswere geared towards finding out their level of understanding and competence of the English Language. The out come shows a fair or average level. This means we can do a lot to improve the situation.

We are all out to all Junior Highand Senior High Schools. Who knows, we might be at your intitution tomorow.

We have a right to write to the world

Friday, July 18, 2008

Competition No. 3.

We are spreading our territory. Write To The World recently organised a Spelling Bee competiin at Christ Preparatory School, Sakumono. Here are some of the pictures from the event.

We have a right to write to the world

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